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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Curious Case of Golden Tate

He could be jumping hoops to stay a Seahawk.. At least in the long term.

If you’ve read any columns on the Seahawks needs in either the draft or free agency, you’ve probably heard they could use an upgrade at receiver. You’ve probably heard this even if you haven’t read any of those “franchise needs” pieces. Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate make for a formidable trio in the passing game. Just not one that instills fear into the hearts and thoughts of defensive coordinators.

Assuming the Seahawks get a receiver in either the draft or free agency, you have to assume that one of these three receiver’s days are numbered with the Seahawks. Sidney Rice is just starting to find his game again with the Seahawks and had a good year with Russell Wilson. It went a lot better than his first anyways and it has Seahawks fans asking what he will do for an encore. Doug Baldwin’s 2012 season was one to forget. He struggled with injuries which kept him out of the lineup for large chunks of the season and limited his effectiveness when he did return to the lineup. He is just one season removed from leading the team in receiving yards though. Then there’s the curious case of Golden Tate. This season (his third in the NFL) he had more receiving yards than the previous two combined. He developed a great rapport and friendship with Russell Wilson and won over the Seahawks faithful. Is this a flash in the pan or is he finally realizing his potential?

It’s pretty safe to assume Sidney Rice will be a Seahawk for many years to come. The ceiling is incredibly high for Rice and he just so happens to only be in the third year of a five year contract. Doug Baldwin’s versatility and ability to play in either the slot on the outside in combination with Pete Carroll’s soft spot for him means he’s got a future with the team. Even though his contract expires in 2014, an unproductive second season and that whole not being drafted thing could make him sign for a bargain.

That leaves us with Golden Tate. It took him three years to do it, but he finally showed that he was worth the second round pick they invested in him. He had his most productive season in every statistic worth noting. He also seems to have a knack for being that open receiver that Wilson goes to after he runs half a mile behind the line of scrimmage. There’s no denying there is a lot to like about Golden Tate. Aside from his peculiar first name. Seriously, Golden?

As much as there is to like about Tate, I think his days as a Seahawk are numbered. For the Seahawks to take that next step as a contender they should, and likely will, pursue an upgrade at receiver. That will not bode well for Tate’s production. He runs sloppy routes and lacks the discipline and intelligence to thrive as a slot receiver, which is likely where he’ll end up if a new guy is brought in. Not a dumb guy, just has difficulty reading defenses.

Tate can be an above average second receiver, but that’s just not gonna cut it. I think it might even be worth trading him now while his value is at it’s highest. Fortunately for ye Tate fans his meagre cap hit of 880,000 means that it’s very, very likely he will be kept. With Rice’s injury history that might not be all that bad an idea either.

Suck it Packers. 

A small and maybe unnecessary disclaimer, but I have to give some credit to my looking into the possibility of Tate's time in Seattle coming to an end from some of the stuff I've read on . Not one to steals others ideas and don't feel I am now. He presented the possibility, I did my research and more or less agreed. Trolls, be gone.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Linebacker's Worth Getting A Look In Free Agency

Good bye Leroy Hill, hello Deandre Levy... maybe?

    With Leroy Hill's recent arrest making it all but guaranteed he won't return with the Seahawks next season, the question is now is, who will take his place? I expect his replacement will come in the draft, but assuming it doesn't the free agent options have to be looked into. Mostly because it's fun. The speculation continues here at The Hawks Nest. Enjoy our linebackers to watch out for in free agency.

OLB, DeAndre Levy: This young up and coming linebacker would be a great fit in Seattle. He finished third on Detroit with 81 tackles and a career high 9 stuffs. He has all the tools to be a great 4-3 linebacker and would have no problem adjusting to Seattle's system. He is also great in pass coverage. My favorite of all the free agent options.

OLB, Philip Wheeler: Not buying the hype on Wheeler. Sure, he did lead the Oakland Raiders with 109 tackles last season but his finish wasn't as strong as his start. It was also his fifth season in the NFL, and he's just starting to look like a starter. Word on the street is the Raiders will try to bring him back for next season, but if not I'd rather some other team over pay for him. 

LB, Nick Barnett: Things didn't go as well for Barnett in his second year with the Bills, but don't let his release fool you. There is still some good football left in Barnett. He is only one year removed from the best season of his career. His combination of size and athleticism, along with great tackling in the open field make him an ideal candidate to replace Leroy Hill. His age means he would be willing to sign a short term contract too. Wouldn't mind Barnett, and his experience as a Super Bowl winner and leader coming to town.

J.D. Burke

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tight Ends Worth Getting A Look In Free Agency

Fred Davis as the final piece?

    Sorry Hawks Nest fans and readers, I've been very negligent of late but hope to be very active in the coming days, weeks, etc. What say you I start off with tight ends that the Seahawks should pursue in free ageny? The Seahawks have a great thing going with Zach Miller, but it wouldn't hurt to add a tight end just a little more proficient in the passing game. It might actually be the kind of affordable move that puts this Seahawks team over the top, depending on who they acquire. If they acquire anyone that is. The Seahawks have been trying to find a compliment to Zach Miller in the passing game for quite some time. They've tried Evan Moore, John Carlson, Anthony McCoy and Kellen Winslow to little or no effect. They clearly want to use more two tight end passing formations, just lack the personnel. Maybe this is the off season where they find that last peace of the puzzle. Here are some options I think are worth a look in free agency.

TE, Fred Davis: Fred Davis is a bit of wildcard, but this is more of a positive than anything. He had a breakout campaign in 2011 with 59 receptions for 796 yards catching passes from Rex Grossman. His most recent season was a bit of a let down though. Davis struggled to find chemistry with RG3 and went on season ending IR in week 7 with an achilles injury. His failure to gel with RG3 and Washington's new look offense, along with his injury will make this stud in the passing game all the cheaper. My favorite of all the tight ends available on the market.

TE, Delanie Walker: Here is another great option. Delanie Walker is known by his current teammates in San Francisco as the 'Swiss Army Knife' and with good reason. He does it all; very well I might add. He has experience in a read option offense, is a great blocker and can play as a full back if absolutely necessary. Walker has never been the go to tight end with Vernon Davis in the picture, which might affect how highly teams think of him. This could make him relatively affordable, and worth kicking the tires on.

TE, Jared Cook: There's no denying there is serious talent with Cook. The only problem is consistency. Cook has all the potential to be a great tight end in this league, but never shows it for more than a few games at a time. He did have a 729 yard season only one year ago though, so he might be worth the investment. Would rather somebody else overpaid for Cook though.

J.D. Burke

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cornerbacks Worth Getting A Look in Free Agency

Greg Toler might be the perfect fit in the slot.

    Count this position as the least of the Seahawks worries on defense. Assuming Jeremy Lane continues to get better and Walter Thurmond is healthy there's almost no need to pursue a nickel corner in free agency. Hedging your bets on a former 6th round pick and somebody who has only played 22 of a possible 48 regular season games though just doesn't seem like all that good a plan. They don't need to break the bank to improve their personnel at corner either. As a matter of fact, that might even have a negative effect on their current starters Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner as they are only making a combined 1.2 million. Not sure they'd feel to great about the Seahawks giving somebody else a big pay day to handle a slot receiver. Here's my list of frugal options for the Seahawks at corner.

CB, Greg Toler: This pick may seem odd based on his injury history, and the fact that the only reason the Seahawks would add another corner is due to concern about Thurmond's injury history, but it makes sense if you think about. For a few reasons. Greg Toler may have starter potential, but he's never been able to show it for extended periods due to his awful run of luck with injuries. You combine the fact that he didn't even play in 2011 with his relegation to nickelback when he did return and he might be available at a very affordable rate. 

CB, Sheldon Brown: A little experience in our secondary wouldn't hurt, and Sheldon Brown would provide just that. Brown is the kind of physical corner that Pete Carroll would love to add to this roster, and it's not out of the realm of possibility that he is added. It's very doubtful the Browns will re-sign him, and with the amount of good corners set to hit free agency there is a good chance a lot of teams take a pass on the 33 year old corner. His age might lead him to sign for a very affordable contract with a Super Bowl contender to make maybe one last run. Could the Seahawks be that contender he is looking for?

CB, Cedric Griffin: Count this as the potential Carroll restoration project of 2013. A career under achiever, with a serious knack for getting in trouble. Can't forget the health concerns as well. When he's not suspended or injured though Cedric Griffin is generally a pretty good corner. He also gained experience as a nickel corner last season in Washington. He's an alright pass defender, but very good in run defense. Definitely worth getting a look.

J.D. Burke

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Interior Defensive Linemen Worth Getting A Look

Acquiring Randy Starks certainly wouldn't hurt the Seahawks.

    As important as shoring up the pass rush is for the Seahawks, becoming more consistent in their run defense is just as necessary. Especially with Alan Branch set to hit free agency. Luck would have it for the Seahawks that as with all their positional needs, there is no shortage of options on the market. Below I will list some of the best available options.

DT/DE, Henry Melton: Probably the best interior lineman available in free agency. Very powerful with great size and the ability to play either defensive end or tackle. Has had two very good seasons now, compiling a combined 13 sacks over them. My only qualm would be the kind of contract he is going to get. Players like Melton don't make it to free agency very often and that in combination with his age (26) will land him a very large pay cheque.

DT, Randy Starks: My favourite of all the available options. His 4.5 sacks this season matched his sacks total from last year, even though he was switching to a new scheme with Joe Philbin taking over in Miami. Like Melton he has the ability to play end or defensive tackle. Based on how well he played defensive tackle this season though, he'll be just fine as a replacement for Alan Branch. I think upgrade is a more appropriate way of putting it. He does his best work defending the run, an area that definitely needs improvement. Best of all he might be a very affordable option based on his age. He is now 29. Hoping the Seahawks give him a long hard look.

DT, Dwan Edwards: There is a little risk involved with pursuing Edwards. He is 31 years old and just had the best season of his career with the Panthers. He registered 6 sacks which is 3.5 more than his previous season high. Will this flash in the pan season result in somebody over paying for Edwards, or did he rise to the occasion when given an opportunity with the Panthers and earn a big pay day? Who knows... Might be worth taking a chance on Edwards with the right contract.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Defensive Ends Worth Getting A Look In Free Agency

Wouldn't mind seeing him in a Seahawks jersey. I mean, the jersey I would mind, but him in it not so much.

    The speculation continues; this time with regards to one of Seattle's more glaring needs. The pass rush. It became all too obvious what a one man show the pass rush had become in the Seahawk's final game in Atlanta. Which I still have nightmares about. I originally thought the Seahawks would continue to develop their defense through the draft, then Chris Clemons got injured. There is a lot more urgency in Seattle to fix the pass rush now, especially with Clemons probably missing a chunk of next season with his torn ACL. Not that his play showed it, but he is also getting kind of long in the tooth. Replacements are needed, and they are needed now. Let's look at some of Seattle's options for defensive ends in the upcoming free agent frenzy.

DE, Cliff Avril: Avril is the best pass rusher available this off-season. As a result, you can expect one hell of a bidding war. Thing is, he is probably worth every penny. He is only 26 years old and when at his best bordering on unblock-able. This year was a bit of a step back for Avril with his sacks dropping from 11 to 9.5, but that's practically negligible. He was also very dissatisfied with his contract situation and eventual franchise tagging, which could have had something to do with that. The perfect replacement for Chris Clemons? I think so, be it short term or long.

DE, Michael Johnson: Often overlooked due to sharing a defensive line with all pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, the stats speak to his abilities as a pass rusher. This one is more or less a pipe dream, as all signs point to the Bengals tagging him if they don't work out an extension. If Pete Carroll loves height, as much as indicated by everyone on the planet (self included) they should be selling the farm to somehow land this kid. He's only 25 years old and 6'7, but at the end of the day extremely unlikely to go anywhere this off season. Tis a crying shame.

DE, Usi Umenyora: All but a given he'll be hitting free agency, and one of the more likely targets on Seattle's radar. Personally speaking, I've never been all that fond of Umenyora. The stats don't lie though. Even if they are in decline, there is something to be said for reputation and I think based on stats alone, he's earned his. Having a 14.5 sack season to his name doesn't hurt. He's getting on in age though at 31 and may be looking for his one last massive contract. If that's the case, hope the Seahawks aren't the team adding to his retirement fund.

DE, Dwight Freeney: Here's a player I can get behind. His age (32), in combination with how ineffective he was last season as he struggled to play in Pagano's 3-4 defense might result in some team, maybe the Seahawks, getting him at a discounted price. Don't let his five sacks this season fool you. He's got at least another year or two of good football left in the tank, so long as he's back at defensive end.

Good options aplenty. Can't go wrong with any of these players - depending on the price. Of all the options I've listed though, my favorite for the Seahawks, with their cap situation, other needs etc. etc. has to be Freeney. He'll come cheaper than any of the other players listed, and could perform at an almost similar level. Wouldn't complain if we landed Cliff Avril either though...

J.D. Burke