The Hawks Nest's Mission Statement

     The questions I was left asking myself when I decided to put this idea to paper, and by paper I mean blog, is what am I trying to accomplish? What is my end goal? Who am I doing this for? I think now that I have an answer to all those questions, it seems only right that The Hawks Nest launches. I aim to give you all the knowledge I have at my disposal on relevant topics pertaining to the Seattle Seahawks, and hope to maybe provide posts pertinent to the happenings in the NFL in general. If I have the time. In a perfect world this blog works as a platform for something bigger, and better. A newspaper gig, a spot on the radio, even crappy local TV spots would suffice. It's not enough to just do this for myself though. I do it for all who've helped me in the journey that is life, all who've encouraged me to pursue a future in writing, and all those who just want to maybe have a laugh or two while catching up on their beloved Seahawks. I suppose the latter is somewhat of a sentimental letdown, but that really is the goal here. As I work hard to learn Photoshop and Illustrator, things are gonna get mad goofy on this site.

     I suppose the question on everyone's mind is: what sets this blog apart from others. It seems a fair question to ask really. I mean, why should I assume you've even the slightest interest in my take on the Seattle Seahawks. Hell, I'm a bloody Canadian, not that that helps with the skepticism, but I digress. Anyways, what sets me apart from the rest, I'd have to say (other than the nationality thing) is a sense of humor that never ceases. That seems almost base, and kind of predictable, but another thing you'll find on this blog is an appreciation for the unheralded players. A reasonable outlook, based on play and play alone. I was defending Russell Wilson when people were calling for Matt Flynn, and I was predicting a Wild Card berth and that we'd challenge for the division when most were starting to get down on the season. We were 4-4 at the time but I swear, my faith in the Hawks never dwindled. In keeping with my appreciation for the unheralded, I'm not a stats guy. I like what I can taste, what I can feel, what I can see, and what I hear. They play a part in determining a players worth, or his level of play over a stretch, and can be helpful but they are far from the be all and end all of NFL analysis.

    I will try to update the blog daily. Can't guarantee I'll stick to it, but I will certainly try my hardest. Just a 9-5 guy like anyone else, with a full time job. This is for fun, this is my hobby, and this is my passion. What little free time I have at my disposal will be spent on keeping this blog informative and fun and worth checking into. I do this for me, but never forget about the 12th man. You can follow me on Twitter @JDBurkeOV and you'll find my columns on all the NFC West teams at . All the best in what's shaping up to be a great year, and #GoHawks